Wild Birds

Food for Your Feathered Friends

If you are looking to invite wild birds to your property or feed your indoor birds, we have what you need at Kansas Country Store. We sell a wide variety of nectar, seeds, nuts, and wild birdseed blends specific to species common here in the Midwest such as blue jay, cardinal, chickadee, finch, hummingbird, and more. We also have feeders for specific species, including options that deter interference from squirrels and other critters. Come see us to find the best options for your feathered friends.

Six Ways to Attract More Birds

We sell more than feed! We also carry the following products:

  1. Help Birds Feel Welcome:  Provide a welcome environment in your yard with feeders, natural food sources, native plants, water, and shelter.
  2. Provide Appropriate Food: Keep feeders filled with foods suited to your area and the season.
  3. Keep it Clean: Clean feeders, baths, and feeding areas regularly.
  4. Remove Predators: Keep your cats indoors. Scientists estimate that cats kill millions of birds each year.
  5. Avoid Chemicals: Avoid using pesticides, herbicides, or other dangerous chemicals where birds feed, bathe, or nest.
  6. Keep it Safe: To avoid window collisions, keep feeders at least three feet from windows and add decorations to windows where collisions could occur.

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